Forward Sioux Falls

Forward Sioux Falls

Years: 1987 - 1991
Campaign Chair: Lyle Schroeder
Campaign Goal: $1.4 million
Amount Raised: $1.8 million

About the Program

The first Forward Sioux Falls (FSF) program was a bold initiative to create new jobs and stimulate capital investment in the Sioux Falls area. It was developed as the result of joint cooperation and planning between the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

FSF was designed to propel Sioux Falls´ record of growth and development into the 1990s. Sioux Falls was facing increased economic competition from major cities across the country. Definitive goals for the program were set. FSF would be used to implement an economic development strategy over the next four years concentrating heavily on a new community marketing program designed to attract and recruit new businesses to the Sioux Falls area.

The campaign to finance the program began in 1987; by the year´s end the drive had exceeded its goal by 36 percent. The program officially got underway in January 1988.

    We Wanted To:

  • Improve, expand and diversify the economy of South Dakota and Sioux Falls.
  • Attract expansion and relocation of firms that can benefit from Sioux Falls area assets.
  • Increase employment opportunities and generate additional payrolls for area citizens.
  • Expand the tax base of local governments by causing increased capital investment in the Sioux Falls area.
  • Continue the dominance of Sioux Falls as a medical and retail center.
  • Increase job retention activities supporting existing industry and assist in creation of new business.

    We Accomplished:

  • Created 6,200 jobs in the area.
  • Saw an increase of nearly $100 million in the area´s payroll
  • Realized more than $250 million in new capital investment.
  • Sent 5,000 targeted industry reports to corporate decision-makers in five business categories
  • Produced hundreds of business leads through an aggressive direct mail and advertising program to reposition Sioux Falls in the eyes of business leaders across the country.
  • Made personal calls on 115 new business prospects and hosted 235 prospects in Sioux Falls
  • Received favorable coverage of Sioux Falls´ business climate in major U.S. daily newspapers and in 19 trade publications.
  • Opened the Sioux Falls Briefing Center, which served as a modern center for presenting Sioux Falls´ best face, in 1992
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