Forward Sioux Falls V

Forward Sioux Falls V

Years: 2006 - 2011
Campaign Chair: Dana Dykhouse, Kelby Krabbenhoft
Campaign Goal: $8.5 million
Amount Raised: $10.5 million

About the Program

Mission: As the catalyst for renewed economic opportunities, Forward Sioux Falls V will provide advanced strategies to further success in the areas of workforce development, technology, economic development and our community and business climates.

Since 1987, Sioux Falls business leadership, in partnership with the City of Sioux Falls and other government leadership, has invested more than $14 million in four Forward Sioux Falls programs. This joint venture program has proven to be an effective stimulus for increased business development and economic diversification in our area.

FSF initiatives are aggressive in new business attraction, increased job growth and enhancement of the area´s quality of life. FSF investors have seen a positive return on their investment in the four previous campaigns and the Sioux Falls area has experienced a prolonged period of economic vitality.

    We Wanted To:

  • Workforce Development: A principle goal of all Forward Sioux Falls campaigns has been to recruit, train and retain and adequate local workforce. FSF V continued this focus while aggressively marketing to 17- to 30-year-olds, branding Sioux Falls as an "Opportunity City" where young people can seek to live, work and continue their education.
  • Technology Business Enhancement: FSF V capitalized on the success of the South Dakota Technology Business Center (part of FSF IV). FSF V will continued to expand and purse investments that establish a broad-based "Knowledge Community." The target area will house companies offering research and the development of new products, as well as institutions of higher learning pursuing cutting edge education programs and research.
  • Economic Expansion: FSF V continued aggressive efforts to recruit outside business investment while maintaining the retention and expansion of the current Sioux Falls business community.
  • Community & Business Climate Advocacy: FSF V leveraged resources to maintain an economically viable tax structure for all businesses, while encouraging cooperation among business and government leaders on program development and implementation. FSF V also supported new home construction developments and revitalization efforts of established neighborhoods.
  • Program Communication & Administration: FSF V investors will receive ongoing printed and electronic communication on the progress and activities of FSF V. Investors will also receive periodic reports detailing their return on investment.

    We Accomplished:

  • The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership became the first participant in the mayor´s Pettigrew Heights Revitalization Program by constructing five new condominium units.
  • The SEHP expanded its reach to the entire Sioux Falls metro area, working with several other communities on local affordable housing programs.
  • The Workforce Development office partnered with 38 businesses offering 135 internships and awarded $67,500 in scholarships through the Interns in Industry program.
  • Shadow ED coordinated more than 1,650 job shadow experiences.
  • The Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center opened its doors in 2009 and now houses USD´s Biomedical Engineering program and three life sciences companies.
  • Since its opening in 2004, 11 companies graduated from the South Dakota Technology Business Center (SDTBC).
  • Increased our non-farm wage and salaried workers by 7,050 during FSF V.
  • Had a total construction value of $1.999 billion from January 2006-December 2010.
  • Had a total capital investment of $1.06 billion from January 2006-December 2010.
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