Letter from Campaign Co-Chairs


Every community aspires to strengthen these assets. For nearly 30 years, Forward Sioux Falls has played a key role inthe growing vitality of our region. Through the collaboration and support of the business community and local and state government, we have provided significant financial and leadership resources for the initiatives our leaders have envisioned.

Thanks to investors like you, our region has been dreaming big – and we´ve had the financial support to realize those dreams. We´ve attracted new businesses and new people to call our region their home.

Forward Sioux Falls embodies the notion that the "rising tide lifts all boats." We have seen the benefits of our cooperative and collaborative spirit, which has improved our region´s economy and quality of life. Through six programs, we have realized great returns on our investment in our community. Even today, we´re benefiting from the investments made back in 1987 from the very first Forward Sioux Falls program.

Forward Sioux Falls 2021 is not merely a renewal of previous programs. Now more than ever, our initiatives provide opportunities that positively impact our people, prosperity and place with new and innovative actions that will take this region to the next level of success.

Thanks to the leadership of community visionaries and previous Forward Sioux Falls programs, we will continue to deliver on many of our time-tested core programs that have proven successful. And we will complement them with several new and fresh initiatives that address the challenges and opportunities of today.

Forward Sioux Falls 2021 is the business community´s next economic and workforce development plan to continue our momentum. If we want to build our workforce, grow our economy as we create jobs and ensure that we retain our wonderful place to live, we must be proactive in determining our future ... together!

It´s about people, prosperity, place. We thank you for your past support and are excited to have you to join the momentum in the Forward Sioux Falls 2021 campaign.

Dave Rozenboom
First PREMIER Bank

Mayor Mike Huether
City of Sioux Falls

Mark Shlanta
SDN Communications

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