Research, Technology & Entrepreneurship

In Forward Sioux Falls 2011-2016,

Graduate an additional 10 companies into the Sioux Falls business community from the SDTBC and create an additional 150 new high-wage jobs
Launch five new businesses annually through the Technology Acceleration Program
Partner with the Enterprise Institute to build Innovation Expo into a nationally-recognized innovation and entrepreneurship event and to create three new angel investment funds
Support a student idea competition to increase Giant Vision participation
Increase available seed and early-stage capital and help 10 SDTBC clients secure equity investments
Assist in planning and establishing a University Center Research Park
Facilitate the development of post-secondary programs to support private sector research
Complete expansion of the Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center
The Goal

South Dakota Technology Business CenterTo maximize the economic impact of high growth businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators in the Sioux Falls MSA.

Early-stage businesses that leverage innovation create high-skill, high-wage employment opportunities. These companies and jobs are critical to advancing our regional economy and to retaining and attracting talent. The Sioux Falls area has a number of key assets, including the South Dakota Technology Business Center and the Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center, supporting enterprise creation and research.

FSF connects and builds upon these assets and activities to create an ecosystem that maximizes the impact of research, innovation and entrepreneurship on the Sioux Falls area economy.

South Dakota Technology Business Center
Charged with assisting technology entrepreneurs, the SDTBC has, in six years of operation, helped its client companies to create more than 330 new jobs with an average annual salary exceeding $70,000. These companies have secured more than $44 million in equity funding and in 2009 their combined annual sales exceeded $100 million. Along with its normal operating activities, SDTBC staff will facilitate and support the majority of the Research, Technology & Entrepreneurship activities in FSF.

Culture of Entrepreneurship
Forward Sioux Falls 2011-2016 will link, enhance or launch new activities increasing the creation and success of new high-impact ventures. Several activities and events supporting entrepreneurship have been developed in recent years, including: the Innovation Network, Innovation Expo, Launch, the Giant Vision business competition, the N2TEC Technology Acceleration Program and the Student Ventures competition. FSF will link, enhance or launch new activities increasing the creation and success of new high-impact ventures. State, federal and private grant funding will be aggressively pursued to maximize this investment impact.

Start-up and Early-Stage Capital
From South Dakota Innovation Partners to recently established angel and venture capital funds, the Sioux Falls area has a burgeoning equity investment community. FSF will assist in the expansion of these resources and address funding gaps to ensure innovative technologies and companies are matched with the necessary capital resources.

Research and Development Infrastructure
Private sector research in the areas of medical science and alternative energy provides the foundation necessary to drive innovation. FSF will target investment and activities to strengthen private sector innovation and lay the foundation for increased industry focused, university research activities.