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Sioux Falls appears on Marketplace

Sioux Falls is one of five communities being profiled by NPR's Marketplace in its "American Futures" collaboration with The Atlantic. The series started Wednesday and runs through Friday on the Marketplace program, which can be heard on 90.9 FM at 6:30 p.m.

There will be three pieces total to air on Marketplace, steady coverage from The Atlantic, and more extras online: 

Via Marketplace: 

Via The Atlantic: 

In mid-August, Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal joined The Atlantic’s Jim Fallows in Sioux Falls for the first stop in their collaboration called “American Futures.” The Atlantic's national correspondent, James Fallows, and his wife, author Deborah Fallows, intended to explore America's heartland by traveling from one small-town airport to the next in their propeller-driven Cirrus SR-22 airplane. At key moments Marketplace and Kai Ryssdal will be traveling along with them.

"Every time we’ve made a 'road trip by air,' we’ve been fascinated to spend time in places that are far from interstates or big cities but have their own small airports as connections to the world. With the help of Esri’s innovative software for planning and recording our trip, and with Marketplace as the ideal partner for chronicling changes in the fabric of America’s commercial and cultural life, we’re excited to update an American reportorial tradition with new explanatory tools," Fallows said. 

A few stories have already been filed:

The trip kicked off in Holland, Mich., a site of traditional American manufacturing and exporting strength. Sioux Falls was the second stop, with additional stories planned in Wyoming, Missouri and Indiana, with more across the country to be announced as the expedition unfolds.

"This is the beginning of a trip we're going to be doing, going to smaller towns in America that have interesting economic stories, technologic stories, stories of demographic adjustment," Fallows said. "Parts of the American saga that are often left out of our normal news coverage."

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