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Destination SF: Sioux Falls or San Francisco?

Forward Sioux Falls is continually promoting stories to national media in an effort to attract reporters to come here and take a closer look at Sioux Falls and what makes this community distinctive, from both a business and lifestyle perspective. Reporters from the news website Huffington Post Blog were in Sioux Falls recently. They explored the city and as a result three articles have been written about Sioux Falls so far: Step Aside, San Francisco: "SF" Now Stands for Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Anneli Rufus America's Pinkest City by Kristan Lawson Where Does "Eating Local" Mean Fried Pickles and Buffalo Bourgoignon? by Anneli Rufus Not everyone knows about Sioux Falls. And what they know might not be the full picture. In focus groups recently conducted by the state of South Dakota, perceptions even from people in surrounding states revealed that they knew very little about life in South Dakota. They thought about Sioux Falls as a largely agriculture state with great tourism but didn't equate a vibrant, progressive and growing city like Sioux Falls as part of that. Why do we want to get noticed? We need to attract people to fill our jobs. Employers here report that getting people here for an interview is the hard part. Once they are here, the area sells itself. What do we think we have to offer? Sometimes the things that we take for granted are the selling points for people from somewhere else. They see you can buy a nice house for less than $250,000. They see a clean city and a vibrant downtown. They see excellent school districts, both public and private. They see an abundance of parks and things to do in their free time. They see low commute times. They see venues for culture and entertainment like the Washington Pavilion and the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. It's difficult to measure the value of recent articles like those on the Huffington Post Blog. However, third-party endorsements certainly deliver the message more cheaply and arguably more credibly than paid advertising. Sioux Falls has a good thing going on...spread the word.
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